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You want to get married…

but when you think of marrying your best friend, you see yourself in the wilderness or a city rooftop, standing forehead to forehead, just the two of you, proclaiming your vows, kissing as many times as you want, giving yourselves time to breathe, space to feel, and permission to be yourselves.

You’re not alone!




a note from the creators

Hey Elopers, we’re honored you’re here and exploring if eloping is right for you. We wanted to bring the ability to create the wedding of your dreams, unencumbered by tradition and the weight of wedding planning, and the freedom to express your love in bold, intimate, romantic ways right here in Missouri and Illinois.

We get it, it’s a little non-traditional to think of just going off by yourselves and coming back married. Won’t people be mad at you? Won’t friends and family be offended they weren’t there? The answer to those questions is, honestly, maybe. But, we believe that your story matters so much that it should be told exactly how you’ve dreamt it, and we believe in the goodness of your family and friends so much so, that we believe they’ll see that too.

You matter, and having the out of the ordinary, unpredictable, non-traditional wedding of your dreams is just within reach! We can’t wait to meet you!

Be brave.

xoxo, Danie & Steph


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